Tips For Improving Ministries in the Digital Age

Even with the appearance of vaccines, the coronavirus and the lockdowns appear to be long-term guests…

Even in states where lockdowns have been lifted, many people are still scared to leave their homes.

Even if they weren’t, I don’t think we can put the “remote only” genie back in the bottle. People have gotten used to “attending” church digitally, online, just as they’ve gotten used to working remotely for their jobs (in some sectors, at least).

There will be some return to the “old ways” as time goes on, but I think the world has finally awakened to the possibilities of telecommuting and remotely working over the Internet. This is the beginning of a new era.

Churches should be prepared for this. Historically, churches have adapted to thrive as times and circumstances changed. I don’t think churches will become “online only,” for there is a crucial in-person component that we can never abandon.

Here is a page that discusses different tactics for transforming ministries in this new digital age. It doesn’t have all the solutions, but I think it’s worth a read to get your juices flowing.

Deacons are usually practical people. They have to be, given their duties. Deacons will not likely be entrusted by the pastors to design new ministries, but they can offer advice and recommendations. 

There may be some aspects of the diaconate that will benefit from these tips, too. Here’s the link:

Tactics for Applying Digital Church Ministry, Services, and Giving

Click and read. Try to identify two or three things you will try to put into action this year.