Welcome, deacon. You have found help.

This site is dedicated to helping deacons in Christian churches who are looking for practical solutions to the economic problems their members are having.

Being a deacon is physically, emotionally, and spiritually demanding work. Members and strangers come to you looking for financial assistance and support for their problems.

This site offers solutions

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Serving the congregation:

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Financial problems are often either at the heart of many troubled lives or very closely connected to them. Members will come to the church when they get into financial trouble, even if they have never before asked the church for help. You will need to help them.

The deacon’s problems range from the basics of establishing standard procedures and administrative record-keeping to the more demanding–ministering to those with broken lives, whether brothers and sisters in Christ or strangers, both local and foreign.

The office of deacon was ordained to serve both the material and spiritual needs of the church’s members. On this site you will hopefully find practical solutions to both.