Ready to Learn Christian Economics? Start here.

If you believe you are ready to learn about Christian economics, then here’s the place to start…

I have written why I think deacons should learn about Christian economics. If you read that article and are convinced you should do so, then you need to start with an easy-to-read book written by the expert in Christian economics, Dr. Gary North.

He dedicated his life to understanding and developing Christian economics. It was his calling for over 55 years.

He wrote a 31-volume economic commentary on the Bible–the first person in history to do so. He decided to go through the Bible line-by-line to analyze all economic material contained in God’s Word. Hopefully it will serve as the model for future commentaries and in other fields as Christians begin to rethink the modern social sciences in terms of Biblical principles.

After finishing the commentaries, he distilled his knowledge into a four-volume set. I recommend that the first volume is where you should begin learning about Christian economics.

Click here to download a free copy of Christian Economics: Student’s Edition.

After you have finished the Student’s Edition, if you remain convinced that the author has correctly interpreted and applied the Bible to Christian economic theory, then you should move on to Christian Economics: Teacher’s Edition. As a deacon, you are entrusted with more. You should understand the basics of Christian economic theory in terms of the Biblical doctrines of creation, fall, redemption, and covenantal reform, which is what the Student’s Edition will help you do.

To be able to provide answers to some of the questions that will come your way, you will need to get into specifics and learn how to think economically. It isn’t hard. As the author writes, the Teacher’s Edition “makes clearer the real-world outworking of the cause-and-effect structure of Christian economics. It relates theory and practice.”