How to Find Local Charities to Support

One way church diaconates can help distribute God’s tithes is by finding local charities to support…

Local charities offer several benefits. 

First, they are local, so local money goes to addressing local problems. 

Second, they are probably less funded than bigger national and international charities. This means the church’s money goes further. Your church’s donations can have a much bigger impact.

Also, congregation members may come to the deacons asking if you know of worthy local charities in your area where they can contribute some of their time, services, or money. It would be a good idea to have already drawn up a list of vetted local charities that you can hand them.

Here is one website that can help you locate non-profit organizations in your area:

Great Non-Profits and Charities Near Me

It helped me find incredible charities near me that I did not even know existed. It may also help you find some local gems that match your church’s vision and purpose.