Hospice Resources

Hospice will mostly be funded by government healthcare or private insurance. But there are details about the program that should not be overlooked. These resources will help close the knowledge gaps…

The first place to look for hospice information is Medicare since it is the majority payer of hospice services in the United States. Use the following links:

How Hospice Works – On the US Medicare website.

Medicare Hospice Benefits – A short PDF booklet that provides information on hospice, including what it is, what portions are covered by Medicare, and what services aren’t. It also helps explain when Medicare patients may have to pay some bills.

The United Kingdom is similar, paying for hospice services through publicly funded healthcare. Visit their website here: Hospice Care.

For a wealth of frequently asked questions and information on hospice in general, visit the American Hospice Foundation’s website. The organization is defunct. It closed down in 2014. But its website is still online, along with numerous educational resources to help you learn about hospice. Visit the site at the link below:

American Hospice Foundation – Learning About Hospice