A Free How-To Course Solution

The diaconate needs to be producing how-to courses to show other churches how to set up and operate various ministries successfully…

One platform available to make the courses easily available to anyone in the world is Thinkific.

With Thinkific, anyone can open a free account. The free account lets you upload three courses before you have to start paying. This is a huge benefit. If a thousand churches uploaded just one course on how to operate a successful ministry, just think how the world could be changed.

I will be converting my free Christian finance courses to Thinkific this year to demonstrate a proof of concept. I will let you know once it’s complete. I expect that it will become much more accessible and helpful to people.

To get started with Thinkific, visit their website here:


To read a review of the platform, go here:

Thinkific Review and Pricing